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Discussing women in TV and film.

Gotham: A Penguin Never Forgets

It only took two years, but in the season-four finale of “Gotham,” “No Man’s Land,” Oswald Cobblepot finally delivered on a promise he made to Tabitha Galavan.


Black Siren: What’s in a Name?

Dinah Laurel Lance has been dead for over two years, long live ... Laurel Lance? It might be time for the Earth-2 doppelgänger to get her own designation, a name and history all her own.

El Ministerio del Tiempo’s Unremarkably Human Women

Some women are calculating and manipulative, others naive and whimsical, and still others are impossible to boil down to just one or two adjectives. “El Ministerio del Tiempo” is an innovative sci-fi series featuring complex, human characters.

Gotham’s Officer Parks: A Remembrance

It’s been two years since the death of Officer Parks, a young cop who dedicated her life to defending Gotham City. Here, we commemorate that life.

After The Defenders: The Women of Marvel Netflix

A look at the heroes, sidekicks, and homegirls who make up the Marvel Netflix universe, where they’ve been, and where they might be going.

Alexandra Reid: A Maddening Marvel Villain

The writers of “The Defenders” spent a lot of dialogue describing Alexandra Reid's supposed skills as a leader and a fighter, too bad we didn't get to see any of it on-screen.

Orphan Black’s Missing Minor Characters

During the enigmatic years of “Orphan Black,” many minor characters have come and gone, but these five deserve at least a cameo in the series’ final hour.

The Women on Gotham’s Hefty, Colossal, Too Big, Very Large Cast

The season-three cast of “Gotham” is 15 people strong, double the size of the casts of similar comic-book adaptations. And of those 15 cast members, five are women.

Gotham’s Cast Is Too Damn Big

In three seasons, “Gotham” has amassed more regular characters than "Smallville" did in its ten-season run.

Notes on James Olsen’s Imminent Death

With great heroism comes great sacrifice. Could James Olsen, aka Guardian, be the first ally Supergirl loses?

Arrow’s Black Canary: An Unfulfilled Life

After only 15 months as the Black Canary, Laurel Lance is dead. Here are four things she should have done before she died.

How Arrow Failed Laurel’s Eulogy

Can there be a Black Canary without Laurel Lance? “Canary Cry” certainly spends a lot of time separating the hero from the mantle.

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